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feeling off
Not feeling the greatest.  Perhaps I overdid things at the nude beach party.  Too much alcohol.

Anyway, on top of the hangover, I got the feeling I should roam a little on my own.  Steve and Crys will be OK together in Seattle.  I headed off to London to pick up Ben and to drop some things off with my dad.    Reconnected with Jason who I hadnt talked to since the first suicide attempt-- the one that Phil saved me from.  just weird how time moves.

I have been thinking more about this idea of One person and as much as I want to be someone's one and only-- I dont know how to extricate myself from the relationships I am in to be someone else's One.  It's like a universal truth that I'm not supposed to be happy, not supposed to find bliss.   Maybe the world isnt about monogamy anymore-- everyone has 2 or three people they adore...  who knows.


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